23 | 04 | 2018

Network Marketing

Ambit Energy is a company offering a business opportunity in the deregulated energy market.  Deregulated energy gives consumers, in applicable states, the ability to choose who supplies their electricity and/ or natural gas.  Their current utility still distributes and bills them, so nothing really changes.  Additionally, you have the option to sign up as an Independent Consultant and earn income by acquiring customers and sponsoring other Consultants.

We are impressed with the fact that, unlike most other network marketing plans, there is no need to sell product.  If you sell soap, plastic containers, makeup, or anything else, you have to resell every month, or you are dead in the water.  With this, most customers say it's a no brainer, save money and help out a friend.  And you will never call someone to say, "turn on a light or turn up your heat, so I can make more money". They use your service every day 24/7/365. 

What I like most about Ambit is their rates.  They simply offer customers very competitive rates.  Another attractive incentive as a customer is Ambit’s rewards program.  If you can refer a minimum of 15 paying customers Ambit will give you a credit towards your bill.  You’ll also be able to earn a number of travel rewards.  In our present world, referral marketing can do wonders for companies to increase business and Ambit is utilizing this approach successfully.

As a Consultant, Ambit offers a fantastic training program.  This is important to note because training and support is one of the most crucial components you’ll need in order to succeed in any new business endeavor.  Most people who join the Ambit business have never owned a business, nor have had any experience in energy.  The leadership of the company does a great job of getting new folks started the right way.

So if you lived in the one of the states Ambit is offered such as Illinois, Texas, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania or Washington DC, you should choose them as your energy supplier.   


So does Ambit ultimately offer value to customers?  Absolutely!  The rewards and incentives are great.  There is a small fee to join Ambit as a Consultant and build your business, but this is quickly recovered with the company's jump start bonuses.  With no barrier to energy this can do wonders for your long term growth and get you closer to true residual income.