23 | 04 | 2018

Support materials

Polish business presentation: Right click here and select "save link as". Then save to wherever you want file on your computer.


This is a video created by Ed Bein to answer all the questions that a person considering becoming a new customer might ask.  It takes about 5 minutes.  Click this link to watch the video. 

This animated video created by Ed Bein shows how you can save money on your power bill, or get free energy or earn a good income with Ambit Energy.  It takes about 9 minutes. Click this link to watch this video.

Finally the answer to the question, Is this a pyramid scheme"? Click here to see the perfect animated discussion of this topic.


Travel Rewards Bonus

Just for using your electricity and natural gas you earn travel rewards.  Like frequent flyer miles, you will earn vacation credits, just for doing what you are doing anyway.  Click on the link to see the current options. Keep in mind that you will be using your lights and keeping warm, the same as always.  But with Ambit you get the guaranteed savings and these vacation credits.  At my home, in upstate New York, I earn about $400 worth of credits, for doing what I always do.


Steve Thompson, is one of the top earners in Ambit Energy.  Click here to read his interview with business for home magazine.  

Charlie Melchner is an upline part of my organization.  He was a senior consultant when I started, now an executive consultant.  Featured on a cover of Success at Home magazine.  Click here to read his story. 

Better Business Bureau